For regular users

If you like floorplanner and use it for more than one of your projects then upgrading to floorplanner PLUS will not only give you new creditson a regular basis, but also unlock useful extra features that will make working with floorplanner even more productive and fun. Upgrading also helps to support the continuous development of our platform.

No timelock

With floorplanner PLUS you no longer have a cooldown period for every 2D export or 3D render you create. This means you can test out multiple ideas in images at once without the need to wait the 10 minutes between exports you do with our floorplanner BASIC account.

Favorite list

floorplanner PLUS gives you the possibility to save the items you frequently use in your favorites list. This allows you to quickly add it to any new or current project.

New credits on a regular base

Credits are the currency you can use to upgrade projects to a higher level. This unlocks extra functionality and better quality of images. floorplanner PLUS gives you 4 new credits each month. or 50 credits yearly. If you don’t need all your credits in a particular month, no worries! Your credits never expire as long as you have a floorplanner account. If you pay for a year you get all your credits at once (plus bonus credits) that you can immediately start to use to upgrade your projects. Buying additional credits is always possible. Find out more about credits.